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About Us


Good advice consists in offering the customer only and exclusively what he or she needs and that is within the current market price.

Andalusia is a region located in the South of Spain, world renowned for its ancient history, unique cultural values, natural parks and exquisite scenery. It also offers some of the highest quality of life in the world.

Investing in Andalusia is not only about the financial returns. Investors here can factor in lifestyle benefits such as a sunny and warm climate all year round, world renowned food and wine, a healthcare system that is ranked among the best in the world, a warm and welcoming society and some of the longest average lifespans in the world.

However, most investors that arrive to Andalusia from the outside have little or no insight into the distinct business culture, and the financial, emotional and human costs for not being sufficiently prepared and connected can be high.

During 800 years, Andalusia was under Arab rule. This makes of it a distinct culture, very different from the rest of Europe, and with its very special, ancient sets of rules and customs. Many a foreigner has seen their investments fail because of a lack of knowledge on how to efficiently approach the territory.

As specialists on all the detailed specifics and intricacies of the Andalusian business climate, we help professional investors from abroad that wish to do business here to improve the quality of their investment decisions.

Apart from privileged access to current, relevant and high-quality investment opportunities in Andalusia and Portugal, we offer business and capital introductions, as well as access to the high quality commercial and legal services that you need to be successful here, such as leading notaries, business lawyers, civil law lawyers and real estate lawyers.


  • We help private, corporate and institutional investors from elsewhere make informed decisions when investing in the Andalusian market

  • Our team operates in Andalusia, with representation in London, Paris and Stockholm. 

  • Our team for private and commercial real estate delivers customised solutions to real-estate investors. Our clients typically include larger investors, real-estate companies, major housing companies and private real-estate owners.

  • Our team for the energy sector delivers customised solutions to energy sector investors. Our clients typically include larger private and corporate investors.

As our client, you have a single point of entry to the full range of our services via our team of experienced specialists, who are ideally equipped to support your unique and varying needs. They, in turn, are supported by a structured finance team in complex transactions.



As a boutique consultancy under Spanish-Scandinavian management that covers Andalusia from a home market perspective, we offer a number of services that form the foundation of the relationship between an investor and our markets.

The biggest difference between us and other advisers in the region lies in our transparency.

Our service consists of the honesty and transparency for the client, so that he or she is able to buy the product most appropriate to their means and perfectly real to their needs.

Our primal offerings to private and corporate investors include recreational farms, real estate, energy sector, private equity, venture capital, agriculture and gastronomy investments. The primal offerings to institutional investors include real estate investmens. Furthermore, our infrastructure and services also supports our Pursuits segment and its prime offering.

The services enable our clients’ investment strategy by:

  • Offering alternatives of the type the client seek exposure to

  • Providing an accurate account of affairs of various investment opportunities

  • Handling the local authorities and regulations so our clients can focus on their core activities

  • Helping our clients to ease regulatory requirements and to become more efficient

I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain.
— John Edward Masefield, English Poet