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Investor Services


Investor Services for Andalusia

We support professional investors, family offices and institutional investors in sourcing, analysing, negotiating and closing investments in Andalusia.

Through our experience and presence in the local market, we increase the quality and transparency of any deal. Working with us increases the likelihood of a successful closure of your deal.

Our particular relative strengths include strong vetting and due diligence of each project, dealing with the particular business and negotiation culture of Andalusia. By paying close attention to every detail while maintaining a strong push forward, we have proven experience in taking any project successfully through the entire process from start to finish. We take extra pride in our efficient handling of the long and sometimes cumbersome official pathway that might be required for certifications, taxation, permissions, e t c.

By virtue of our decades of hands-on experience doing deals in the region, we are able to advise our clients on any dangers and risks related to a particular project that might not be commonly or easily visible.

As our client, we provide access to first class legal advise, such as leading business lawyers, real estate lawyers, civil rights lawyers, e t c.


We source alternatives in Andalusia according to your specifications in the commercial areas below.

Experts in our craft, we help you source, select, renovate, develop and manage your ideal Andalusian property. We help you find alternatives of the following types, that are suited to your future use as well as to your budget:

Commercial Real Estate


Apartment Buildings 

Office buildings


Spain is one of the three largest tourist industries in the world, along with the U.S. and France, with around 87 million international arrivals. In comparison, neighbouring Portugal has around 25 million international arrivals yearly.

Energy Sector

Solar Energy Farms - One of the European countries with the most hours of sunshine, Spain is one of the top countries worldwide by solarphotovoltaics installed capacity. The Planta Solar 10 (PS10) in Andalusia is the first commercial utility-scale solar power tower in the world.

Wind Farms - Some years back, Spain was the world's fifth biggest producer of wind power, providing 19% of the country's total electricity production. On days of strong winds, the wind power generation can surpass all other electricity sources in the country.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Spain – In general terms, the Spanish private equity and venture capital market has grown considerably in the last couple of years, due to solid economic growth.

Consumer products, hotels and leisure, transport and logistics, financial services, information technology and life sciences are the strongest sectors in Spain, and in that order.

Portugal – Portugal went through a difficult period with the global financial crisis, which led to a strengthening in the entrepreneurship mindset. The country has a strong backbone of engineering talent, and is currently giving birth to innovative companies. Tech, Blockchain, MedTech, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and big data are strong sectors in Portugal.


Spain and Portugal has two advantages in the emerging digital economy. One is its role as a bridge between Europe and Latin America. The other is its low cost talent pool.


Working farms destined for ….


Olives – Ancient traditional farms and land suitable for olives, cultivated in the traditional style or in automated plantations.

Vegetables and fruits – Commercial farming of blueberries, almonds, oranges, lemons, pistachio, e t c

Cereals – Wheat, sunflower, oats, rye, barley, sunflower, e t c.

Livestock – Cows, horses, pigs, bulls, sheep, goats, sheep, e t c

Cork – Farms and land with cork trees


Among the European Union countries, Spain has the second largest proportion of land devoted to agricultural purposes, only behind France. Spain's organic market is among the global top ten


Companies or business dedicated to…

Spanish Wine – The three largest wine-producing countries in the world are Italy, France and Spain. Some major Spanish wine regions include the Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Valdepeñas, Jerez de la Frontera (home of Sherry), Penedes and Priorat.

Canned Food – Spain is an international market leader in gourmet quality canned fish and sea food.

Fish - Fresh, conserved and canned fish and seafood from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean

Liquor –Apart from wine, Spain is also home to a rich variety of spirits and liquors. Spain produces spirits from local plants such as anís, as well as brandy and rum.

Olive Oil – Olive oil from Hispania was highly regarded already by the inhabitants of Old Rome, as well as by the rest of the Roman Empire, that considered it of superior quality. Today, Spain is one of the world’s largest producers of olives.

Iberian Ham – The Andalusian ham is world famous for its quality. Even the cheapest ham in an Andalusian supermarket is superior to the ham of many countries.


Spanish food history may be among the most varied and interesting in the world. Andalusia has received influence from many cultures and regions and its gastronomy has evolved along with each century, each invasion and each conquest.


The traditions of Andalusa are many and ancient, with some of them are thousands of years old. Also, in this region a high level of expert craftmanship still lives on whereas it has died out in many other parts of Europe.

Due to our deep and wide network in the region, we can sometimes source special and unique possibilities in the world of the ancient traditions, that would be related to your affections. These people, sites and events are difficult and often even impossible to access for outsiders.

As an investor coming from outside of Andalusia, we might nevertheless be able to offer you access to a wide array of selected special opportunities.

An Andalusian man without his horse is like a matador without a cape.

Meet the world's finest restaurateurs of antique horse carriages; perhaps they could help you improve the state of your own collection.

  • Get introduced into the world of the Rejoneo, the ridden Spanish or Portuguese bullfighters.

  • Meet the few remaining falconers; owners of estates that still hunt small game with falcons and eagles according to the old traditional ways.

  • Immerse yourself in the mysterious and prestigious world of Spanish bulls breeding.

  • Discover the hidden ateliers of expert local craftsmen for wood or leather work, working for the Iberian royal houses and their centuries old royal riding academies.

  • Add rare Spanish and Portuguese antiques to your collections.

  • Bring your thoroughbreds to the Atlantic beach for a traditional race where families measured the power and speed of their horses against each other.

  • Take the traditional pilgrimage route by horseback or by foot to an ancient sacred shrine, in a much beloved local tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

  • Become an adept of Acoso y Derribo, a local horse race on thoroughbreds horses against a young bull.

  • Arrive in style to "La Feria" in an antique carriage drawn by purebred Spanish stallions.

  • Immerse yourself in immense areas of protected nature in horse carriage, or on the back of highly trained Spanish horses.

  • Learn to ride and handle purebred Spanish horses by one of the leading names of the Royal Riding Academy in Jerez.

  • Have a flamenco dress custom made for a special person by the studio that did Grace of Monaco's dress that she wore when visiting Sevilla with Prince Rainier III.