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We are happy to receive you at our installations in the historic center of Seville, at the St James’ in London, in the 7th Arrondissement in Paris or in the Östermalm neighbourhood of Stockholm.


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Plaza Nueva
Sevilla, AL, 41001



Skills & Talent

We are Different

Our team represents a combination of Andalusian business experience and formal etiquette with Scandinavian business ethics and international outlook. We offer you a unique combination of skills for making better quality investment decisions in Andalusia.

Our service consists of honesty and transparency for the client, who buy the product appropriate to their means and real to their needs.

Here are some distinct advantages we offer our clients

International Experience, Local Know-How

The team at Iberian Connection offers a combination of international experience and local know-how built up over generations, from both local and global business ventures founded in Andalusia and Scandinavia, respectively.

Each team member has more than 30 years professional experience from his or her area of expertise, and comes with an adequate educational background.

Over the years, the members of our team have facilitated many hundreds of business and real estate transactions to the very highest standards of client satisfaction.

Discreet Sourcing & Privileged Access

– A sterling local network of trusted professionals in a very closed and tightly knit local economy that is excessively difficult to access for outsiders. Unlike other places in the world, it is not enough to arrive with a large sum of money to be able to enter as an equal in the investor community. The traditional economy of Andalusia and parts of Portugal consists of business networks that are fixed since generations. These networks are not open to outsiders no matter their level of wealth, affluence or what they might believe to be their position in the world.

– In this privileged network, our specialists are able to carry out discreet sourcing for the unique objects that your portfolio might be requiring.

– We can offer access to rare business opportunities normally only available to well connected insiders of the local economy.

Attention to Detail

– We carry out in-depth analysis of any existing opportunities. This is done first to vet out what is real and not, legal problems, problems with permissions, construction issues, hidden faults, e t c. The second part is to make a realistic plan for how to proceed in the highly complex local business environment in order to fulfil the time plan and other requirements of the investor. Most international investors would unaided get easily and expensively lost in this process.

Specialist Knowledge

Through the personal interests and passion of each team member, we offer our clients deep specialist knowledge in the following sectors:

Agriculture: Wine, olives, cereals, sunflowers, fruits, vegetables, pigs, cattle and all other traditional crops and products of the Iberian agricultural economy.

Luxury: Hotels, travels and experiences, fashion, gastronomy

Health: Alternative and holistic therapies, spa experiences, ecological perspectives, personal development practices

Horses: Riding, breeding and competition in horse racing, carriage driving, breed competition and dressage. Thoroughbreds, hispano-arab and purebred Spanish horses.


We are native in English, Spanish and Swedish, and fluent in French.